Free Online QR Code Generator

Nowadays, QR codes are widely used thanks to its great compatibility and convenience. Caoliao QR Code Generator helps you create QR code online in a snap. It supports QR code generating for text, URL, file, image, audio and video, business card, social media and more. It provides Free, Basic, Advance, Ultimate and Enterprise subscription options. If you are not a heavy user, the FREE version is enough for you.

It is a company in China. Now, its website has only Chinese version. No worries, it won’t be a problem. You can use Google Translator to translate the website into English or any languages supported. You just right click on any blank space of the website and choose “Translate to English (or other language)”.

Besides personal use, QR codes are also greatly applied to all kinds of businesses. QR code can be applied in making business card, flyer, brochure, sticker, product packaging, banner, book, cloth, poster, ticket, website, giveaway and more. You can use Caoliao to generate QR code, allowing everyone to scan it with any device and app.

Caoliao even allow you to generate QR codes in batches. You just click and go.

Try to make your QR code for your personal use or your business.

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