GIFPAL – Free Online GIF Maker with Efficient Effects

GifPal is a fully online user-friendly gif maker. It is free. It allows you to create animated GIFs with webcame and images. You can even add sepcial effects to GIFs.

Your GIF will be played automatically as you make any changes so you can clearly see how it will appear when you’re finished. You can easily rearrange the images. Better still, you can even turn off the watermark.

Create GIF animations online with webcam and images. Free GIF animator for creating and customizing GIFs with special effects.

Once you’ve edited a particular frame, you can add it to the GIF timeline by clicking the small camera button. Up to 48 frames can be used to build a GIF with GifPal.

Before you’re finished, you can optionally reverse the frames to run the GIF backward, change the quality of the images, and adjust the animation speed.

In addition, GifPal lets you download your GIF, display it in its public gallery, and share it over Tumblr and Twitter.

– 20 frames, 30 effects
– Speed adjustments on frames
– Drawing tools txts and photos
– Can remove watermarks on pictures
– Easy to arrange pictures

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