Picasion – Create GIF Animations Online

Picasion allows you to make animated GIFs for free!
It is available in multi languages, includign English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

For making an GIF, you can upload images from your computer, or taken with a webcam, or a URL from Picasa, Flickr or any other gallery. Of course, you can also import a video on your computer or from a URL.

Unfortunately, though, if loading images from your computer, you can’t upload them in bulk, but instead must choose single files at a time.

A GIF can be sized up to as large as 450 pixels wide and the animation speed can be adjusted from a fast speed to one as slow as 10 seconds.

Before creating the GIF, you can optionally choose to include it in Picasion’s online gallery. Once the GIF has been made, you can download it, copy a direct link to where it’s hosted online, share it over a social media site, or email it to a friend.

However, it is ad-laden, but it is tolerable since Picasion is free to use.

– Easy to use
– Supports for images and videos in many formats
– Online GIF gallery
– Share GIF with others in a snap
– Add sepia and black-and-white filters

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