Screenshot Captor – Not Just Being a Basic Screenshot Software

Screenshot Captor is best for flexibility. For Screenshot Captor, taking full-screen screenshots is a piece of cake. Beside, it can grab the content from your webcam, scanner, or any scrolling window, which can hardly been done by most screenshot softwares.

The captured images can be zoom up-to 999% and every single pixel is visible to the user. It is simple to use and requires minimal resources.

You can automate several aspects of the capture process, including creating file names, uploading to image hosting services, and more. This is particularly useful if you need to capture many screenshots in a row—with a little setup, the software will manage everything behind the scenes and stay out of your way.

Screenshot Captor sits in the taskbar when not in use, and you can activate it with a range of hotkeys or by clicking on the icon. Annotation and enhancement tools are built in, with useful extras like watermarking and easily blacking out usernames and passwords.

It is only compatible for Windows. It’s donationware.

– Huge choice of capture options
– Built-in editing tools
– Highliy customizable
– Quirly interface
– Available in installable and protable version for Windows
– Supports third-party configurable tools such as file browsers, image editors

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