goQR.me – Create QR Codes Online for Free

goQR.me is one of the leading sites on the web for QR Codes, QR Code marketing and QR in general. On goQR.me, Anyone can create high-quality QR codes for covering many kinds of info, including URL, text, vCard, phone number, or SMS. It is free to use.

On goQR.me, you can quickly get your own QR codes by few simple steps. You just enter your text, your URL, a SMS or vCard contact information. The QR code will be generated automatically as you type. Just click on the “Download” button to get the created QR code image then (the image is available as EPS or SVG vector graphic, as well as high-resolution PNG, GIF or JPEG raster graphics format). No registration needed. You can also embed the QR code directly on your own website and use it, just have a look at the code offered by the “Embed” button. Of course, you can place and use the QR graphic on leaflets, posters, business cards or other products without any costs / for free (including commercial use).

Better still, it supports dynamic QR codes, allowing you to change the stored QR code destination address (URL)  at any time, even after your marketing material has already been printed.

You can upload your company’s logo, add background/foreground colors and do lots of creative things. However, what makes goQR.me stand out from the crowd is that it can produce colored QR codes with logo apart from the usual black and white colored variations.

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