Bing Translator – Translate Speech and Tech in Real-time

Using Microsfot Translator, Bing Translator is a big name in online translation tools. It has very clear and clean interface. You can use it online or through Windows Phone to translate dozens of languages accurately. 

Bing Translator can translate different web pages, documents, and any word or phrase that is provided by the user to do translation with complete accuracy.

You can select your input language or have the site automatically detect it as you type. If you have your microphone enabled, you can speak the text you want to be translated which is convenient.

After you receive the translation, you have options to hear it aloud in a male or female voice, share it, or search Bing with it. And, you can give the translation a thumbs-up or thumbs-down if you would like to provide a little feedback. This translator offers over 60 languages.

– Online tranlator
– Also compatible with Windows Phone
– Translates words, phrases, web pages, documents and more
– Supports 60+ languages
– Translates speech
– Text to speech
– Share and go
– One-click “Copy” feature
– Suggest an edit

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