Google Translate – Free Instant Translation over 100+ Languages

Google Translate is Google’s free translation service. It is one of the best free online translation services. It allows you to translate words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. Get the results in no time.

Google Translate can be used easily from your web browser, and any Android device. Google Translator supports almost every language and facilitates the users to do operations with its auto-detection feature.

It also enables you to translate any web page or documents in an easy and speedy manner. 

Besides, if you search Google for translators, its own handy tool will pop right up above your search results. Thus, it is very convenient because you do not have to open another website.

– The most well-known online translator
– Free to use
– Supports almost every language
– Accurate translating
– Provides definition, the word class (noun, verb, etc.), synonyms, and examples
– Text to speech
– Tranlation history
– Automatic language detection
– Feedback option

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